Before the Interview

The first step to choosing the right web company for your organization is to evaluate the needs and expectations of your organization. Here are some helpful questions to consider:

  • Do you need services beyond web design and support? What are those services? What is your budget for the services desired?

  • Do you want to manage website content internally (you or your staff)? If so, what is the knowledge/skill level of the persons who will perform those duties?

  • What is your expected response time from your web developer? What is the expected completion time when a support request is submitted?

  • Do you want a fully custom designed site, or is a pre-designed template OK?

  • Are you comfortable writing the content for your website? Do you feel comfortable with someone who does not understand your business writing the content? Can they?

  • What are your expectations for organic (non-paid) search engine rankings? What are those expectations based on? 

  • What is more important to you, the cost of hosting and support or reliability? 

  • Would you rather have a comprehensive hosting and support package at a reasonable monthly cost, or pay a smaller hosting charge and higher rates for support and service as needed?