Advisory Services

Do you believe your website is not performing like it should? 

Is your website not ranking well in search engines?

Are you concerned about the effectiveness of the advertising campaigns you are paying for? 

Do you receive reports that you don’t understand?   

We definitely can help!

We offer web design and online marketing advisory services for any business or organization. We know websites and online marketing very well and we will tell you the truth and give you our advice. 

Your website is the most important part of your marketing. You publicize your web address everywhere. You link to it from social media. Visitors find it through Search Engines and local directories. It replaced the yellow pages you once used for visibility. You can’t afford to ignore it.  

Our advisory service will answer questions like: 

  • Is your website standards compliant? (That affects usability and search engine rankings)
  • Is your website properly optimized and structured for acceptable search engine rankings?
  • Is your current advertising wasting money? (Unfortunately, usually it is.)
  • Will your website adequately engage visitors who find it? (Ever heard of semantic engagement?)
  • Is your website content helpful for visitors?
  • How fast does your website load? (Load speed has been a ranking signal for search engines for some time.)
  • How fast does the mobile version of your website load? (In July 2018 that begins to matter even more.)
  • Is your website fully mobile friendly? (That affects search engines ranking significantly.)
  • Are you using ‘Schema’ properly? (You should be.)
  • Are your local listings helping or hurting your organization?
  • Are you seeking and managing reviews like you should?

Our advisory services are very reasonable and lead to a more effective website.

Contact us for a quick conversation and a quote. We are eager to help.